Will My Bankruptcy Satisfy My Judgment Liens?

No. A judgment has two components. The first component is your personal liability for the debt. The second component is a lien against any real estate that you own or acquire. In order to have the second component, a judgment has to be docketed by the creditor. If it is not docketed, there is no lien. Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 discharge your personal liability in most cases. However, in order to remove the lien, a judgment must be satisfied, which is a procedure in state court that is separate from your federal bankruptcy court case. When your bankruptcy case is finished, you can request that Ash Street Law satisfy your state court judgment liens. Because judgment satisfaction is a separate legal procedure, we do charge an additional fee and the state court charges a small fee. Please note that liens of judgments that were not discharged cannot be satisfied in this manner. For more information about the dischargeability of the personal liability component of judgments in bankruptcy, please see "Will my Bankruptcy Discharge my Judgments"?

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